Let's B in Italy

Hello everyone! Welcome on B in Italy!
The Xmas holidays are over, a new year has begun and a lot of us has elaborated very nice resolutions about living in a healthier way. All of us told him/herself to start a diet to get rid of that nice present Santa left as every year: love handles. This blog is my personal solution to our problem! I am selecting super good, light and very fast to prepare Italian  recipes and I have personally modified others to meet ipocaloric standards. All recipes will include pictures of every single step of preparation.
I am not an nutritionist or a doctor, but I have been raised by a very health-concious family! Recipes alone do no magic! In order for this idea to work, as any other diet, a 30 min. daily exercise is necessary (a fast walk is enough!!) and 2 lt. water should be drunk on a daily basis!
For non-Europeans I suggest to shop for few basic ingredients that you'll find in almost all recipe:
  • A bottle of Italian Extra Virgin olive oil
  • A bottle of vinegar
  • Rosemary
  • Persil (buy a lot, wash it and put it in the freezer)
  • Garlic and red onion
  • Basil (do the same as for persil)
  • A small bottle of capers in vinegar (it lasts very long in the fridge)
  • Sage (you can buy a plant and grow it at home! the same works for basil and rosemary)
I will write the ingredients needed in the following recipe one day in advance, in order for all to be ready!
See you tomorrow! CIAO! Benny

Ciao a tutti! Benvenuti su B in Italy!
Le vacanze di Natale sono finite ed un anno nuovo è iniziato. Molti di noi hanno buoni propositi per il nuovo anno, come quello di uno stile di vita più sano. Tutti quanti ci siamo promessi di iniziare una dieta per eliminare i chili di troppo post vacanze! Questo blog è la mia personale soluzione ai nostri problemi! Ho selezionato una serie di ricette Italiane (e non solo) leggere, squisite e velocissime da preparare e ne ho modificate altre per renderle ipocaloriche.In ogni ricetta troverete le foto di ogni fase della preparazione. Posterò sempre gli ingredienti necessari per la nuova ricetta con un giorno in anticipo, in modo da essere tutti pronti per cucinare!
A domani!! Benny


  1. Niiice B! From now on, Im ur blog-stalker! ;) /Kat

  2. I don't know what persil is...when I searched it; it comes up as a laundry detergent. I know that is not what you want me to buy and freeze :)

  3. HAHA charleen that is funny..well yes Persil is a laundry detergent, but it´s german and Persil is just the brand name.. because the herb is called diffrent in german..
    Benny means Parsley (which is Persil in french and italian i suppose)..

  4. OPS SORRY!!! Yes it is PARSLEY!!:)

  5. ciao benny e benvenuta, da oggi ti aggiungo ai miei preferiti e ti seguo.

    passa da me se ti fa piacere :-)

  6. Carino qs blog e bella l'idea di postare gli ingredienti il giorno prima...ti seguo!

  7. Grazie mille!!!:) fammi sapere quando provi qualche ricetta!!!